Application integration and custom development

Enriching the customer experience

Local authorities, businesses of all sizes, contact centres… Today, all sectors of activity need to successfully manage their relationship with customers. This strategic challenge is part of a wider environment of consumers and prospects who are increasingly discerning and unpredictable. Companies must guarantee a unique, high-quality customer experience, and one that is personalized.

To do this, teams need comprehensive digital customer interaction solutions that are easy to understand. These adapt to meet the needs of teams as closely as possible and increase the effectiveness of existing customer relationship tools. They allow teams to simplify day-to-day tasks and to improve their productivity, while ensuring the fluidity of customer relationships.

Integrating custom solutions with existing tools

Organizational change should happen smoothly and gradually. To this end, CoverApps designs scalable, personalized solutions that easily connect to existing business tools like CRM or ERP software.

By centralizing customer data from different sources on a single interface, monitoring of the customer relationship can be performed globally, resulting in improved management of interactions. Application integration is comprehensive, handover is easy, and the functionalities available to teams are immediately increased.

CoverApps Etude de cas case study

Creating a callflow

Optimizing call centres is key to successfully managing the customer experience

CoverApps develops and/or integrates the tools necessary to meet the demands of professionals and supports them in optimizing their processes. IVS, automatic distribution of interactions, web callback systems, computer telephony integration (CTI): the possibilities are numerous, but also scalable.

The effectiveness of any support lies in its flexibility and its ability to be personalized. The optimization solutions provided can be installed on a company’s server (on premises) or hosted on the Cloud.

Together, we’ll define the most appropriate solutions for each specific situation, as our case study demonstrates.

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