Semantic analysis

Semantic analysis: listening to the voice of the customer improves company performance

Listening to the voice of the customer is fast becoming a priority for businesses, in particular for contact centres that have been operating for a number of years. Semantic analysis lies at the very heart of an effective digital strategy for optimizing the customer experience and their satisfaction.
Companies can monitor and formalize the expectations of both customers and prospects by systematically collecting real-time exchanges at key moments in their interaction with them. Using in-depth semantic analysis, companies give themselves the means of taking specific actions to improve their products and services. This approach guarantees a better conversion rate and improved customer loyalty.

Semantic analysis solutions for staying close to customers

Faced with the proliferation of points of contact between companies and their customers, the collection of information must be carried out across multiple channels. It is necessary to process these and synthesize large quantities of information, but also to undertake a complex analysis of both written customer conversations and, for voice recordings, changes in rhythm and volume, and modulation of frequencies. Listening to the voice of the customer is therefore a complicated operation, which requires the integration of powerful semantic analysis tools.

Equipped with an efficient, intuitive and customizable dashboard, these tools can gather, process, and carefully analyse information coming from multiple sources in real-time. Prioritization of key elements, generation of data reports, natural language processing solutions, and easy integration of existing tools are all advantages of complete solutions tailored to meet different objectives. Without semantic analysis, companies know when customers contacted them. With semantic analysis, companies know why.
Semantic analysis solutions also make it possible to share the voice of the customer between all of your employees. This acts as a lever for the operational effectiveness and commitment of teams.

CoverApps provides businesses of all sizes with comprehensive semantic analysis solutions so they can be closer to their customers and prospects to understand them better.

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