Digitalization of processes

Improving performance: rethinking your customer experience

The customer experience is changing. In order to maintain business performance, companies need to become more competitive and satisfy the demands of customers. To do this, it is vital that companies implement a strategy for the digitalization of processes, and for the automation of some or all of their business processes. The aim is to simplify the daily tasks of operational teams, improve the company’s profitability, and enhance the customer experience.

Our teams support and provide advice to businesses of all sizes as part of this exercise: both contact centres who are our main clients, and also more generally, all B2B and B2C businesses. Each sector’s particularities are taken into account to provide reliable, tailor-made digital solutions that enable:

  • Organizations to be more fluid
  • Communication systems to be standardised
  • Improvements in efficiency and productivity
  • Cost savings
  • The security of processes and data to be ensured.

To achieve this, our tools automate the repetitive, time-consuming tasks of your employees. Resources are optimized by being refocused on added-value and relationships. The risk of human error is eliminated, and administrative costs are reduced as a result. You are more responsive, more adaptive, and more effective. Automating processes also ensures that you comply with legal obligations.

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Call distribution: outsourcing according to service agreements

Sharing tasks between humans and robots

The question that is invariably raised is whether robots represent a real threat to the human workforce. Just as it is inconceivable today to manufacture any type of product on an industrial scale without the use of robots, it is clear that tasks which are repetitive and without added-value will no longer be performed by humans within the following 10 to 20 years.  The one area where humans will retain a leading role is work that involves emotional intelligence. From our perspective, implementing an automation or robotization solution is a way for companies to make better use of their employees’ skills.

The customer relationship only has value if we can respond quickly to a customer’s basic needs, and provide a personalized, thoughtful response to their more complex needs. Is it in the interest of either the customer or an employee to have to wait several minutes for a piece of information, simply because a human is supposedly necessary to search several applications for that information? Absolutely not! The person responsible therefore needs to obtain structured information quickly in order to be able to focus on giving their all when dealing with a customer, and thereby ensuring that the exchange is a positive one.

Improve your customer experience and see your image go viral

The digitalization of processes ensures a better employee experience and an optimized customer relationship. Freed from having to perform routine tasks, teams have improved availability and are more effective. Their assignments are refocused on services with significant added-value: more agile, they can respond effectively to ever more discerning customers and users. The customer journey becomes more fluid, and the company’s image is improved as a result. In terms of the customer relationship, a company’s best showcase are its employees. Valued and engaged, they will have a long-term commitment to the company.

Deciding to implement a solution for automating processes within your organization ensures a quick and sustainable return on your investment.

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