Instant feedback and IVR


A prospect or a customer contacts a company’s customer service by telephone. After a human agent has handled their request, an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system immediately asks them three closed-ended questions on the quality of their experience using a recorded voice message.

The challenge here is implementing a solution that can target inbound calls according to specified criteria. The IVR should only be activated when all of these criteria are met. Thus, only a user’s 1st call over a period of several days should be taken into account and then only within the context of defined guidelines for finishing calls and an accurate call queue system. All communication with the customer must be finished for this to be possible.


Technical solution provided

An effective automated process supervises in real-time the interactions manged by the PureCloud customer relationship support solution (in particular, through the use of WebSocket technology). It detects the end of calls that meet the specified criteria for feedback.

To do this, it gathers, processes and compares all collected data relating to customers and prospects. Analysis of their call history ensures that they haven’t already been asked for feedback recently. If all of the conditions are met, the process automatically generates new outbound calls without the need for intervention by human agents.

Operational benefits

The implemented tool automates a process that is complex and time-consuming for human agents to carry out. Its implementation enables errors to be avoided and call attempts to be optimized using callback strategies if a line is busy, there is no response, or if an answerphone is detected.

Customer service agents can focus on tasks with high added-value and on productivity. In addition, using its interface that centralises all data in real-time, the functional manager can envisage the number of feedback surveys still to be carried out and the BI team can assess the results.