Creating a call flow


A company’s customer service is responsible for providing a high standard of service for inbound calls. The path followed by a customer or a prospect (“Call Flow”) must be efficient and interactive, even in exceptional circumstances: e.g. large call volume, reduced personnel, industrial action, major incidents. The PureCloud customer relationship management digital solution ensures that this is the case, in particular when call forwarding to an interactive voice response system is combined with a crisis group. Using an intuitive interface, agents can activate the mechanism that appropriately directs all future inbound calls.

One problem remains: what to do with inbound calls already held in the queue before this mechanism was engaged? The risk is that they will not be addressed and remain in the queue indefinitely.


Technical solution provided

According to the type of calls to be handled, agents can activate two different processes for handling them. Using a personalized web interface, they have a choice of activating an IVR that offers a callback at a later time, or of forwarding the call to a message indicating closure due to exceptional circumstances, followed by hanging up.

The tool centralises all data on a remote server. Using custom development of APIs, the activation of chosen options can be verified and validated on a regular basis.


Operational benefits

A company’s customer service is regularly faced with crisis situations. Using this custom-developed solution, functional managers have access to a flexible, effective tool which allows them to be autonomous and responsive in any situation. It can be easily integrated with their existing PureCloud solution by using Custom Client Applications.

Thanks to a user-friendly web interface, in exceptional circumstances operators are able to easily activate or disactivate processes for the handling of queued calls according to type. The system ensures an ideal initial response before the triggering of a Disaster recovery plan, for example.