Cloud-based Capex to Opex transition solution


In the era of Could computing and SaaS solutions, companies need to think seriously about the allocation of their annual budget between CAPEX and OPEX. Is it still viable for them to invest in IT equipment, or should they opt for hosted solutions? In this context, CoverApps enabled a white label insurance company to convert some of its customer service tools into OPEX. It used a single platform to host its enterprise telephony system and contact centre. The latter migrated to a SaaS solution.

Following this, a problem became evident: their platform was now too unwieldy for just the company’s enterprise telephony system. Keeping it in its current state involved either high maintenance costs or capital expenditure costs to enable its architecture to be restructured.


Technical solution provided

To avoid the creation of new CAPEX or unnecessary costs for the company, CoverApps offered to purchase their platform, until then hosted on their own servers (On premises), at its book value. Once it had been updated, it was then modified to be able to meet the new specified requirements: host the company’s customer service centre as a Tier 2 DR (Disaster Recovery) solution, as well as its telephony system. CoverApps hosts the platform at its data centres and leases it back to the company.


Operational benefit

The insurance company now has a hosted IT solution that is effective, flexible and scalable. It allows it to reduce its direct operating costs and use space in its own data centres more efficiently. In addition, it has been able to avoid new CAPEX.

CoverApps guarantees that they will have a Tier 2 DR solution for its contact centre and an enterprise telephony system at a cost well below that involved for maintenance of the initial solution.