Call distribution: outsourcing according to service agreements


To optimize operational efficiency, a company’s customer service wants to outsource the handling of a specific category of its inbound calls. To do this, it would like to integrate an effective digital solution with its existing tools. This should allow it to route a specified number of its calls according to predefined criteria to an outsourcing partner who uses its platform.


Technical solution provided

To ensure the correct distribution of inbound calls between the in-house team and an outsourced call centre, the device examines their distribution status in real-time by performing a simple test:

– if the number of calls received is below the specified target, the call is routed to the outsourcer.

– if the number is greater, the call is then handled by the in-house team.

Routing is carried out using a single inbound call queue, but calls are directed to two different resources to handle them.

The implemented system is based on custom developed software that imports then allows the evaluation of relevant data collected in the Call Flow. It can be easily integrated with the PureCloud platform, ensuring the effective operational performance of the company’s customer service.


Operational benefits

The process is automatic and digitalized. As a result, it requires no direct human intervention. The router’s quality of service is ensured and guaranteed to be free of error. The device is custom developed to make a connection between the specific capabilities and skills of partners and their service agreements. The specified number of inbound calls distributed between partners is respected.

In addition, by using this solution a company’s Call Flow is more efficient and the customer experience is optimized. Furthermore, if target agents are unavailable, the overflow can be handled by PureCloud’s Bullseye solution.